Track Chairs

Carlos Delgado Kloos (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Madrid, Spain)
Karen von Schmieden (Hasso-Plattner-Institut, Potsdam, Germany)

Call for Papers

In addition to the main programme, EMOOCs 2023 offers the opportunity to host a series of workshops. The aim of these workshops is to provide a forum for exploring and discussing emerging trends in MOOCs and related topics in a more participatory and informal way. The topics of the workshops should be aligned with the themes in the main Call for Papers, and although track-specific proposals are welcome, workshops that connect research, experience, business, and policy at an institutional level are particularly encouraged.

As an organizer, you can decide on the format and content of the workshop (this might be traditional workshops with a call for submissions, hands-on workshops, but also bootcamps, Birds of a Feather, World Cafés, and so on). Innovative and interactive approaches that facilitate the exchange of ideas and experiences, and, hopefully, identify opportunities for new collaborations, actions, or initiatives in the field of multimedia and online learning are particularly welcome.

Submission of Proposals

Those interested in organizing a workshop are requested to submit a proposal of maximum 5 pages. Workshop proposals must be submitted via EasyChair. A workshop submission should include the following sections: 

  • Title
  • Organizers
  • Workshop Objective
  • Pre-Workshop Plans
  • Workshop Structure and Duration (1.5 or 3 hours)
  • Post-Workshop Plans
  • a 250-word Call for Participation for attendees
  • References

In more detail, these sections should include: 

  • A concise and engaging title
  • The names and affiliations of the organizers, including a short bio explaining their qualifications on the workshop subject and their experience with workshop/meeting organization
  • The workshop’s objective, topic, content, and themes (include a clear statement detailing why the workshop topic is relevant to EMOOCs 2023)
  • The description of the workshop format detailing draft timeline, and type of activities (e.g., paper presentation, invited talks, lightning talks, breakout discussion, demos, etc.)
  • Targeted attendance
  • Proposed duration of the workshop (1.5 hours or 3 hours) and organizational requirements (special room, technical needs, etc.)

If relevant:

  • An indication on whether the workshop registration will be open to all interested registered parties or limited
  • Any plan of dissemination of the workshop results (e.g. publications)

Important Dates
for all time specifications applies the “Anywhere on Earth” time zone (AoE)

  • 15th March 2023 (23:59 GMT+12 / 11:59 PM AoE): Deadline for proposals’ submission
  • April 2023: Notification of acceptance/rejection

The workshop selection will be handled competitively and preference will be given in terms of:

  •   Topic relevance for EMOOCs 2023
  •   Innovativeness
  •   Envisaged level of participation and engagement
  •   Overall quality and comprehensiveness of planning